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 Supplying dry ice from our Toronto location

to customers across Southern Ontario

Tel: 1-800-295-8495   
Dry Ice

Types Of Dry Ice We Sell

Dry Ice Pellets (Nuggets)

5/8" Diameter

Dry Ice Slabs

10 inch x 10 inch x 1inch

Dry ice pellets

12kg Pellets & 20kg Pellets 

Dry ice slabs

12kg (5-6 slabs) & 20kg (9-10 slabs)

We Use Insulated Packaging For Our Dry Ice Shipments

As dry ice is a perishable, we package our dry ice orders in styrofoam insulated containers with protective cardboard box outers so the product reaches you in the best possible condition.

Dry Ice Pellets 16mm (aka Nuggets)
Dry Ice Pellets 16mm (aka Nuggets)

Examples of Dry Ice Uses

  • Transporting frozen vials (eg. Vaccines).

  • Storing specimens and samples at Labs & Clinics.

  • Catering events.

  • Small batch delivery of frozen food products.

  • To prevent your freezer items from spoiling during a power outage.

  • School science teaching and projects.

  • Smoke effects for weddings and parties

  • Keeping perishables frozen for overnight journeys, camping trips, etc.

  • Encouraging plant growth at home if using a grow tent.

  • Helps remove floor tiles.

Frozen test tubes stored in dry ice
Get A Quote

 How To Get A Quote  

Call or email us with the following information at hand:

1.  The product and quantity of dry ice you'd like to purchase.

2.  The Ship To address and postal code.

3. Whether it's a business or residential address.

4.  Your name, email address and home telephone number.

We will respond as quickly as possible with a price quote for you.

Place An Order

 How To Place An Order  

Please click HERE to read our FAQ section before placing an order.

When ready to order, call us with the following information at hand:

1. The product and quantity of dry ice you'd like to purchase.

2.  The contact name, ship to address with postal code, and telephone number.

3. Whether it's residential or a business.

4. Your credit card details.

5. Your email address so we can send the Point Of Sale payment receipt, invoice, and tracking number.

Important Purchase Information:

i). We do not keep your credit card details on file. When you call us with your order, we enter your credit card information directly into our Point of Sale (POS) machine to process the transaction.  Your copy of the POS receipt is scanned and emailed to you along with your invoice.

ii). Orders must be placed by 1:00pm EST for next day delivery.

iii). At this time we only accept payment by credit card (Visa and Mastercard only) over the phone.

iv). If you want to place a regular order, we can send you an authorization form to fill in and give us your express permission to charge your card as per your order requirements.



Q. What days do you ship on?

A.   Our regular shipping days are Monday through to Thursday for next day delivery.  Depending on the Ship To location, we may be able to ship on a Friday for Saturday delivery but there is an extra charge for this.  Contact us for more details.  We do not ship on weekends.

Q. What is the difference between dry ice pellets and slabs?

A.  Due to their size and density, slabs will last longer and are ideal for using in chest coolers, larger boxes, etc.   Pellets are ideal for using in smaller storage items like laboratory containment trays, sample bags, etc.  They're also handy to use for creating smoke effects.

Q.  When will my order arrive?

A.  Our shipping service is Priority Overnight, so under normal circumstances

it will deliver between 12-5pm the following day.

Q. I understand that dry ice is perishable and sublimates (melts) over time. 

How do you guarantee that I'll receive the amount that I ordered?

A.  Although not an exact science, we have tested sublimation rates in-house with our dry ice and packaging, and we add extra dry ice in every order to make up for sublimation loss in transit.

Q.  Do I need to be present for my delivery?

A.  Yes, we prefer that someone is there to accept delivery of your shipment. Our courier may leave you a delivery attempt notice where you can use it to request a new delivery attempt, but remember that it is a perishable item that we packed based on next day delivery.

Q.  Is my order returnable?

A.  No. Due to the fact that dry ice sublimates (turns from a solid into a gas), we do not accept any returns.

Q.  What happens if my order doesn't arrive the next day?

A.  Use the tracking number provided by us to locate your shipment, and if there is an issue with it please call us before 4pm EST on the expected delivery date and we will make enquiries.

Q.  Is dry ice safe to handle?

A.  Yes it is, but here a few tips for safe handling and storage:

It should only be handled by adults wearing gloves.  Dry ice has a surface temperature of minus 78 degrees Celsius and can cause frostbite if handled incorrectly.

Dry ice displaces oxygen in the air, so always use it in a well ventilated area.  When transporting dry ice in a vehicle, roll down your window to allow adequate ventilation, especially if you feel short of breath.

If you're using dry ice in a confined space, open the door and air out the area before entering.

Never place dry ice in a tightly sealed container or vessel, because as it sublimates to a gas it creates its own pressure.

Q.  How can I contact you if I have questions about my dry ice order?

A.  Contact our Customer Service team on 1-800-295-8495 between 8am - 3:30pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Contact Us

Contact Us


Tel: 1-800-295-8495


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